PENSACOLA SWINGERS – Florida Social: The Emerald Coast’s Finest


Pensacola Swingers – Florida Social – Enjoy the best Emerald Coast Social

Florida Social holds a number of different invitation only events for swingers in the Pensacola area and travelers coming to the beautiful Emerald Coast of north Florida. Some of these events are large, although most are small, intimate affairs. When we throw a party, members are notified by e-mail regarding the location of our Emerald Coast Social, house party or other event. We occasionally throw parties and co-host other events with other clubs in Mobile, Atlanta and other locations.

PENSACOLA SWINGERS – Florida Social: travel

Travel packages are then arranged which include hotel or condominium reservations, the venue event itself, and sometimes, local transportation.  Transportation is very important because swingers in north Florida will tell you that DUI laws are strictly enforced and we do not want any Pensacola swingers attending a local event, or swingers from other parts of the country, getting arrested or injured in an alcohol related accident.

PENSACOLA SWINGERS – Florida Social: types of events

Our Emerald Coast Socials are “open” events in that they are open to all swingers subject to our membership guidelines and policies. Our Invitation Only events are member organized and member run. Invitation Only events include Girls Night Out (bi-girls playing with bi-girls according to rules set by the women, for the women – men may or may not be allowed according to their wishes), Slut Wife Training, Gang Bang My hot Wife, Hot Wife Dating (the women determine the rules, the bulls and what happens where and when), Soft Swing Weekend (no penetration soft swing activities) and private house parties. Rafting trips, motorcycle rides, canoe trips, boating socials and travel events are also organized and run by swingers in the Pensacola area. Pensacola swingers holding Invitation Only events set the rules for those events held in the Pensacola, Florida area, just as members do in other parts of the state where Florida Social events are held. All events, whether are open or Invitation Only,  must be limited to lawful, consensual activities by the swingers present. There is a no nudity or sexual activity in public rule for all events held at public venues, but what you do at someone’s home or in your own hotel room is limited only by your imagination!

To learn more, meet some the Pensacola swingers at the best Emerald Coast Social and then take it from there!