What do I do if I see someone I know?

Question: I have a very high profile position in my company. My partner and I belong to SwingLifeStyle, but we don’t have any pictures posted. We have tried to meet people one couple at a time, but we don’t have the chance to get out very often due to our jobs and our family. Frankly, it’s […]

Performance Anxiety

Question: My partner and I are in our mid-thirties and have been together for fifteen years. We are new to the swing lifestyle, and we have a problem I don’t know how to even discuss with my husband. When we have sex, he doesn’t really have a problem getting hard. He’s a little slower than […]

The Half Couple Problem

Question: My and I have a couple of friends that we see about every month or so at our local social. My wife thinks the other guy is hot as fire, I think his wife is two-ton Tillie. She points out that almost all of the women who attend our local social think he is […]

What do I do if I get jealous?

Question: My partner and I are still swinger newbies. We have been with two couples in six months. The first time, I played with the other girl while the guys watched, then our partners had sex with us (no swap) and it was great. But the last time we got with another couple, it was […]

Single Men And Swinging Tips

  1. In swinger clubs, the exact same members visit repeatedly, so try to get to be familiar with one another very well. In the event you insult or offend one couple, the news will begin to spread to others. Additionally, when you are pleasant and the couple really likes your company – sexual or […]

How Do I Meet People At The Social?

  Question: My partner and I are new to swinging, and we don’t seem to have much luck with it. We’re told that both of us are attractive, fit and in our early thirties. Yet when we go to a swingers’ party, a club or a social, we end up by ourselves. We are a […]

Third Wheel Stress: Discrimination Against Single Male Swingers

This month we have a guest opinion articles from “Meagan” about her thoughts on discrimination against single males swingers. She raises a number of interesting questions during her article. Is it possible to deal with the stress of being the “third wheel” in the swingers aspect? Let’s face it not everyone always has that special […]

We Fell in Love with Another Couple!

We Fell in Love While Swinging Question: My husband and I got way too close to another couple, now we’re in love. What do we do now? We don’t live in some family compound or feel like we’re weird, yet we are in love with each other. Two of us are bi, two of us […]

First Time Swingers: Help, I am so new to this!

  Question: My boyfriend has just told me that he is a swinger. We have been dating for about seven months. Does this mean he is losing interest, or is he truthful when he talks about swinging as something we do together? I come from a very religious, southern, Christian background. To say that this […]

I want to share my wife with another man

  Question: I read your horny hot wife story about the woman who wanted another man or two. But in my case, I am the instigator. My wife is somewhat interested, but feels like it would be cheating. This may sound awful, but I actually fantasize about her going out on dates with other men […]