Successful Single Males

Successful Single Males – Looking for a hot bi babe?

The best place to find a hot bi babe is NOT the site normally recommend, it’s a completely different dating site:

Why on Earth would we recommend a sugar dating site? Very simple. It works. The numbers are in favor of YOU!

On most dating sites, at best, the numbers are about even. This is like walking into a bar and finding a roughly equal number of men and women. But most adult dating sites are like walking into a bar and finding 7 guys for every single woman!

Think about that for a minute. How many of those women are an 8 or above? This means that the number of women you want to meet is about 1 for every 10 men.

On SugarDaddyforme, there are about 7 women for every man! This makes life a lot easier for you.

Isn’t that site for escorts? Isn’t that for married men cheating and paying for a hookup?

No. Not at all. Escorting is illegal in most jurisdictions. Of course there are spammers and people who will try to use the site for illegal activity, but the site does a great job of preventing prostitution and scams. Is it perfect? No.

What is a Sugar Daddy and a Sugar Baby?

Whatever you want it to be. Seriously.

For some, a Sugar Daddy male is a married, cheating man willing to pay literally thousands of dollars a month to a semi-attractive woman for NSA (No Strings Attached) sex. Since you are in the Lifestyle, you probably look at this definition and laugh. After all, in a post Internet age, this definition describes the desperate and clueless. We all know NSA is free.

A more modern definition is simple: are you successful? When the bill comes after dinner at an upscale restaurant with a beautiful woman, do you pay it or quickly shout “two!” when the server asks how many checks?

In an age where many men still live with their parents in their thirties, can’t find a job, bum gas and beer money from their girlfriends, don’t have a job or a car, ask for checks to be split – see what I mean?

Women are craving independent, successful men!

That’s the modern definition of a Sugar Daddy: an independent, successful man.

How about a Sugar Baby?

Pre-Internet, a woman who brought nothing to the table except that she was “young and hot.” Now, she has to bring a lot more to the table. What “a lot more” is, is really up to YOU. As an independent, successful man, you are in the driver’s seat like never before.

There are tons of attractive, educated women who have difficulty in a down economy, and the last thing they want in their life is a boyfriend they support, one who can’t even take them out on a decent date.

Your hot, bi babe to be wants a SugarDaddyforme.


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