Florida Swingers Deserve a Safe and Respectful Party: This starts with RSVP - please RSVP for all events.

TO RSVP: Use SwingLifeStyle.

STEP 1: Create An Account: You will be asked to create an account (if you don't already have one).

STEP 2: Login, and can start meeting local swingers before, or after, the next social. And RSVP on the party page, please.

01. NO MEANS NO.  Everyone hears it sooner or later - be respectful of other swingers and their preferences.  After all, you have yours, too.

02. All swingers at all parties must be over 21 with picture ID.  You will be asked to show your ID at the door.

03. SWINGERS PARTIES GENERAL DRESS CODE - Females may dress risqué. See through is fine, but please wear cover ups in public areas. Males should also dress nicely and avoid wearing things such as shorts, tee shirts, tennis shoes and sandals. Party theme attire is not required.

04. Prostitution, gambling and drug use is illegal. No illegal drugs, weapons or firearms (this includes concealed weapons permit holders - you are going to a swingers club, not a shoot out) are allowed. No nudity, sex or lewd behavior is permitted in the public areas.  What you do in the privacy of your hotel room or another swinger's home is up to you!

05. SINGLE MALE SWINGERS are allowed at all functions. So are single women, couples, threesomes, foursomes, etc.

06. You MUST cover up appropriately in the venue's public areas.

07. No camera / wireless pic phone use is allowed in the dance area.  No recording devices video or audio. Your privacy should be respected, so respect that of others.

08. Hospitality suite use rules are determined by the sponsoring organization, business or other entity.

09. Illegal activity of any kind will be reported on the spot. If you come to a swingers party, we expect you to follow the law just like everyone else.

10. No drunken, or obnoxious, behavior.  Be polite & courteous (No Pressure).

11. You must wear your armband at all times.

12. If you break any of these rules, you will be asked to leave and may be banned from future events.

13. Swingers: Parties are classy, so please keep your table area clean.  Trash cans are placed around the room for empty bottles, cups, etc.

14. Hotel & venue personnel are to be treated with dignity, honor and respect.  We act as the liaison between you and the venue.  If you have a problem with your room or anything else, contact us first. 

15. Hotel Events: Respect other guests in the Host Hotel with regards to noise in the hallways.  We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone, at any time. Some swinger's clubs have allowed parties to get out of hand, thus some hotels have banned swingers parties.




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