Florida Social’s Sugar Life 2013

Welcome to our little slice of sensuality. We are Mary, Joyce and Steve, three people who love life and each other. Welcome to our awesomely fun adventure.

Sugar Life 2013 with Florida Social

Can you even imagine what it is like having two girlfriends? How about a girlfriend and a boyfriend? We do.

So. What works for you? Perhaps you would prefer a Married Boyfriend. Or simply a  Married Girlfriend . . .  or both. The possibilities are endless. Amazing. And so worth it.

Florida Social is where you come to find that special someone who just fits into your life perfectly. Someone who excites you, delights you and spoils you with happiness beyond what most dare to dream.

This is where dreams come true.

Tickets go on sale is a few short days. Then the hotel block will be announced. And once you’ve purchased your tickets, you can RSVP:

Florida Social Swingers
Florida Social

A lot of us are around, but we usually keep it pretty quiet. So, why don’t you join us and let’s have some fun?

Successful Single Men – CLICK HERE    Attractive Single Women – HERE    Couples – HERE

 Florida Social has the above links for information about the swinging, polyamory and sugar lifestyles, The usual social club in Florida is more limited, so we wanted to provide and upscale place for a broader range of people.

For example, single men can go to the same website as a single female, yet have a completely different experience, If men and women are each at the fifty percent mark, that’s one experience. However, they almost never are – go to a website where your gender outnumbers the opposite sex, and you find that you are banging your head on the wall. Go to a website where your gender is outnumbered, and it’s as easy as pie.

By understanding how online dating works, Florida Social can guide you through the process, whether you are looking for No Strings Attached fun or a relationship partner. Or partners.

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